Sungkeman. Javanese wedding ceremony. Vishnu+Galuh Jawa wedding ceremony in Yogyakarta. Wedding Photo by @Poetrafoto

Foto Prosesi Sungkeman dalam Upacara Pernikahan Adat Jawa. Pernikahan Yogyakarta.

Javanese Wedding Ceremony with Javanese Wedding Dress Yogyakarta. Foto Wedding Paes Ageng Jogja. Paes Ageng Jogja is Indonesian Traditional Wedding Dress. Vishnu+Galuh Jawa Wedding Ceremony in Yogyakarta. Javanese Wedding Photo by Poetrafoto Photography, Fotografer Wedding Yogyakarta, Wedding Photographer Indonesia based in Yogyakarta.

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Posted by POETRAFOTO Professional Prewedding & Wedding Photo on 2014-10-12 00:28:47

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