a national treasure

A National Treasure!

The Leyland National was perhaps undoubtedly the most successful single deck bus of all time. It symbolised everything that a company needed at the time; high capacity, solid construction and reliability, all of which the National offered and still offers today.
RTC 645L was the first single door National produced, and was also the only Leyland National purchased by Widnes Corporation, before the company was re-branded as Halton Transport. The vehicle has been superbly restored by members and volunteers at The North West Museum of Road Transport in St Helens. It truly is a joy to see such a resplendent vehicle out on the rally circuit, especially seeing as it hasn’t been seen to be visiting many events recently.
Widnes Corporation 1 is seen arriving at Blackpool Festival of Transport getting ready to park up for the day, a during which it attracted much attention.

A limited edition model of this very bus has also been comissioned and is available to purchase from the museum. Details available at this address: www.mariemable.webspace.virginmedia.com/shop/shop.html

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